lten The Philosophy

It all began with an idea. One of us enjoyed taking pictures, watching passers-by and capturing them in the camera’s aperture. Every time the shutter clicked, another casual moment of the life was photo-spotted.

One of us came up with an idea that there might be more like-minded people in the Emerald Island. Thus an ad appeared in the local newspaper “Lietuvis” (”Lithuanian”). The newspaper reached somebody’s house, a conference was started on the world wide web and so the news were spread.

Today about 100 people consider themselves as active members of Fotomanai.LT (”Photomaniacs.LT”). We are all different. For some of us photography is a hobby, for others - a way of life and some are lucky enough to be selling their work. Many of us are in favor of digital, and many – in analog photography. There’s a handful of those in favor of pinhole or lomo.

Photography - be it reportage, landscape or portrait – has become a medium that unites us and helps us to express our identity.

Lithuanians are quite a big community in Ireland. According to last year’s census there are over 24,000 of us in Ireland, although it is being believed that the figure should be around 120,000, perhaps even more.

Our photographs offer a glimpse at these lives. We try to capture moments of joy and solitude, official gatherings and casual workdays. We try to show you of how we see the world.

© Fotomanai