- How can I become a member of your photo club?

- If you live in Dublin, come and meet us any Friday @8pm in Park Inn, Smithfield. You won't need to pay for the first couple of meetings. As soon as you pay the fee, you can upload three photos a day in the gallery and use all the other advantages of being a member of Fotomanai.LT.

- Can I become a member of your photo club if I don’t have a camera?

- Yes, you can. It doesn’t matter if you have a professional camera, non-professional camera or you don’t have any. It only matters if you love photography!

- How can I be a member of your club if I don’t live in Ireland?

- You can be a member of our club and place your photos in gallery. However, you are always welcome to visit Ireland and meet us!

- I love photography and live in Ireland, but I am not Lithuanian. Is it possible for me to become a member of Fotomanai?

- Yes, it is possible! You and your friends are always welcome; it doesn’t matter what nationality you are.

- Is there a limit of photos I can upload to the gallery?

- Yes, there is. All people registered in can upload one photograph a day. However, club members, who pay the club fee can upload three phtographs a day.

- Can I see more work of particular photographers who display their work in the gallery?

- Yes, if you go to Links section you can see our personal websites or links to other sites were we display our work.

- Can I use any of the photographs displayed on the website?

- You are not allowed to use any of the photographs without contacting the original author. In order to get in touch with them please fill in the inquiry form. Any unauthorized use of our photographs will be prosecuted accordingly.

- Have the members of the club participated in any public exhibitions?

- Yes. In 2006 we opened an exhibition in the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania which was dedicated to the festival of Lithuanian schools active outside of Lithuania called "The Bridge of Friendship". The photographs - mostly reportage shots - were later displayed during the session of the Parliament of the Lithuanian World Community in Vilnius (Lithuania) and in Co Kildare. As a club we have also organized an exhibition “24/7: Our Life in Ireland”. The photographs were displayed in the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Dublin and at the moment the exhibition takes place in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vilnius (Lithuania). We are open to any ideas or suggestions to participate in any upcoming projects, especially the ones that encourage intercultural exchanges.

- Are the members of the club available for hire?

- Absolutely and anytime! Our fees are negotiable and we promise to do our best. Please fill in the inquiry form. Participation in charity events, public festivals, gigs and shows is also possible!

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